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Explore Barcelona ✈

📌Boasting a reputation as one of the most attractive cities in Europe, Barcelona celebrates its role as the capital of Catalonia.The city’s cosmopolitan and international vibe makes it a favorite city for many people around the world. The city is especially known for its architecture and art—travelers flock from around the world to see the iconic Sagrada Família church, Casa Batlló and other modernist landmarks designed by Gaudí. Discover with uin and just scrape the surface of what can be found in the vibrant city!

Barcelona’s architecture is almost synonymous with Gaudí’s name. The city has a unique culture and vibe unlike anywhere else in Spain. With his extravagant, shapeshifting structures that drew on a variety of sources, Antoni Gaudí became one of the most famous architects of the first half of the 20th-century. Nature inspired Antoni Gaudí and many of his buildings feature biomimicry, a design style that mimics shapes and patterns found in the natural world. He developed building technology for hyperboloid structures that curve as they extend upwards, mimicking trees or caves. Casa Batlló traces Gaudí’s rise to prominence in the Spanish city, highlighting some of his most famous contributions to its landscape.

The best way to see the city is by foot! To make the most out of your time, take walk tour from Palau de la Música, and make your way to the Cathedral of Barcelona. The Gothic Quarter is the historic centre of the old city of Barcelona. The quarter encompasses the oldest parts of the city of Barcelona, and includes the remains of the city's Roman wall and several notable medieval landmarks. There is a park opposite the cathedral where you can see people doing Flamenco dance, singing and simply enjoying sunshine! Dance with the Spanish passion in Barcelona with uin!

Embrace this summer and discover Gaudi’s first house! It’s impossible to miss the curious turreted mansion with rust-red walls, jagged balconies and strips of yellow-and-aqua tiling. This is Unesco-listed Casa Vicens, Antoni Gaudí’s first ever independent commission – a luxurious summer house built for the wealthy trader and stockbroker Manuel Vicens i Montaner, in what was then a refreshingly green, sparsely populated area. Come learn about the most unique architect’s first house and enjoy a delicious artisan mango ice cream! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover Gaudí’s origin!