All You Should Know About Canvas Shoes

Not many types of shoes offer as many benefits as canvas shoes. Made of a breathable and comfortable material, these shoes allow you to walk around for hours on a warm day without having to worry that your feet will start to sweat. With canvas shoes, discomfort won’t prevent you from enjoying the best summer days!

Besides, the canvas is also a very versatile material. You can pair canvas shoes with a wide range of outfits to look at your best in all everyday-life situations. Whether you are on vacation in a bustling city, meeting with friends, or walking around without a clear path - this type of footwear will be able to meet all your needs.

Let’s also not forget that canvas shoes are easy to clean, which is crucial for those long days out where grime and dirt can quickly accumulate. You only need water, a toothbrush, and a mild detergent. With such low-maintenance shoes, you won’t need to worry about devoting your time to keep them looking brand new!

In this article, we’ve gathered all the info you need to make the most of your money when shopping for canvas shoes. Read it to the end to discover one brand we genuinely recommend. But, first, let’s go back to the basics!


Canvas Shoes - The Basics

What are canvas shoes made of?

Canvas shoes are a coarse cloth material that is made of hemp. It’s usually used in several things, including tents, boards, sails, and shoes.

Canvas shoes are so comfortable also because they are a basic type of casual footwear. They’re often composed of a canvas upper and a rubber sole. On the market, you can find all colors and designs you can think of, and you can choose between a high top or low top type. Some canvas shoes have such cute designs that it’s hard to resist them.

Canvas shoes are one of the best options to spend time outdoors during the warm summer days. They’re a fun, casual, and versatile option for an effortless everyday look. And they’re very affordable, too. A decent pair can cost you less than dining out once.

What are the main benefits of wearing canvas shoes?

Considering what we’ve just mentioned, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that canvas shoes are so popular. One of their most significant advantages is that they are a low-maintenance and no-fuss type of shoe. Taking care of them is much easier than you might think. And you can save much more time and energy than with other kinds of shoes.

Even better if you can protect your canvas shoes right after buying them or before wearing them. You can apply a cloth care spray or starch to them. Those with sensitive skin can rely on vinyl or rubber gloves and then wash your hands thoroughly after spraying your shoes. Wear a mask if you have asthma or other respiratory problems. If the spray gets into your eyes or irritates your skin, rinse your face and skin immediately with water.


How to Take Care of Your Canvas Shoes

How can you clean your canvas shoes?

Few shoes are as easy to clean as canvas shoes. You can throw them in the washing machine when they’re dirty, and you’re set to go. Before that, we recommend removing any surface dirt from the sole or sides. You can use a slightly damp cloth.

If your canvas shoes are covered in mud, then scrub them gently with a soft brush and water. Then you can consider throwing them in the washing machine for a throughout wash. You can also use a commercial detergent for this initial scrubbing process. After completing all these steps, you can hang up your canvas shoes on a line to air dry. They should be ready to wear in a short period.


How can you fix your canvas shoes?

Canvas shoes best fit warmer days. However, if, for whatever reason, you wear a pair in the wintertime and end up with thin white wavy lines on the upper of their sole, remember to remove them as soon as possible. The reason is that these are salt stains from the road and can potentially damage your canvas shoes. If you leave them there, your shoes will rot away quickly. Salt stains will make the canvas go hard and then crack. Canvas is such a fuss-free material, but it can still be fragile enough, especially during winter days. Take care of it, and it will take care of your feet.

You can avoid this by washing your canvas shoes with fabric shampoo and a suede. Then you can let them air dry somewhere outside. Never dry them by placing them close to a radiator or any form of direct heat. The intensity of the heat will destroy their material.

How can you properly care for your canvas shoes?

A pair of canvas shoes can last you ages. However, sometimes they don’t retain their natural shape. This depends on the way you wear them and the way you walk in them. Some of us put more weight on one side of their shoe. This can potentially wear down the heel or sole of a shoe. It can end up stretching the upper hand and shorten its lifespan.

You can solve this problem with a shoetree, which you can find at most department and shoe stores. You can otherwise pack the toes of your shoes with regular paper or a newspaper. This will help them retain their original shape, and you will be able to wear them for longer.

What is the best brand of canvas shoes?

Nowadays, the market is filled with canvas shoes with all kinds of design. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by this number of choices. However, no brand has yet been so committed to offering stylish and high-quality canvas shoes as UIN Footwear.

Our collections are inspired by the most famous art masterpieces, beautiful landscapes, and warm human connections. Choose your ideal pair of canvas shoes from our vast product list, and we bet you’ll love it!

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