Wander Around the Fairy Tale of Copenhagen

📌Copenhagenis a surprising city and I say that with love! It’s one of those cities that feels almost town-like in its appearance but with the buzz and vibrancy that matches any major capital city across Europe. There’s honestly a heap of the best places to see in Copenhagen and you’ll be spoilt for choice once you arrive. Get ready with your uin, follow in the footsteps of fairy tales, history and enchanting surroundings, and let Copenhagen inspire you.

There are few nicer places to be on a sunny day than sitting at an outdoor table at a cafe on the quayside of the Nyhavn canal. Nyhavn is full of charm atmosphere, so that Hans Christian Andersen wrote numerous fairy tales alongside Nyhavn’s quay, such as The Princess and the Pea, when living at number 20. Step into Andersen's fairyland and get inspired alongside Nyhavn’s Quay.

Copenhagen’s best-known sight is also its smallest one. It was inspired by the fairy tale of the same name by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. First published in 1837, it tells the story of a mermaid emerging from the waves every day to watch human life on land, longing for freedom and love. If the little mermaid saw uin shoes, she would love them.

The Round Tower is a tower straight out of a fairy tale, and it doesn’t take much imagination to imagine Princess letting her hair down the length of it. The tower is lovely to look at from the outside, but only reveals its secret on the inside: instead of a spiral staircase leading to the observatory at the top, there is a cobble-stoned spiral walkway to the top. No steps. It would be an enjoyment to walk to the top with uin.